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Celebrating Women in Business

Celebrating Women in Business

As part of the Victorian Small Business Festival, Luminact Senior Consultant Shele Waide attended the Celebrating Women in Business with “Business Fit… the Juggling Act” event on 17 August 2017, and shares her reflections on the forum:

Following the introduction of a diverse panel of successful women, Bev Friend (President of Melbourne Business Network) opened with the question ‘What are you passionate about?’ This resonated with many women as we discussed the importance of harnessing this passion to achieve business success within our chosen fields.

The panel of women responded to questions regarding their experience with challenges in the workplace such as pay inequity and performance discussions; women’s health; pregnancy, maternity leave and the return to work; and the importance of prioritising your mental health.

While acknowledging that the issues faced by women in the business world remain real, this event allowed participants to meet and gain inspiration from prominent women working in a variety of sectors who have overcome these challenges to achieve business success.

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