Policy Development and Regulatory

We offer specialist expertise in public policy and regulatory issues, from interpretation of current legislative and regulatory frameworks to impact analysis, development, and reform implementation. We work across a range of areas, with a particularly strong expertise throughout the communications and transport sectors.

Policy and regulatory problems are becoming increasingly complex in a converging environment and in the transition to a service-based economy. Resolution often requires an understanding of technological convergence, disruption, current economic and social conditions, and environmental impacts. Luminact can help you to:

  • Develop frameworks that meet your outcomes while avoiding unintended consequences.
  • Analyse and interpret qualitative and quantitative data and fully recognise stakeholder views to understand multifaceted problems that sit within complex governance structures.
  • Work collaboratively with your stakeholders to define a shared understanding of the problems and desired outcomes.
  • Identify the relevant issues, understand the potential policy or regulatory impact, and propose realistic and achievable solutions.