Why Us?

Luminact offers expertise to the public and private sectors to enable evidence-based decision making, high quality consulting, and professional business services. Our analysis and advice is underpinned by our core values of integrity, innovation and intellect.

We work to understand the challenges you face and provide you with targeted support by bringing the right team with the right approach. Our rich experience, together with our specialty in relationship management, guarantees you will receive accessible, resourceful and effective advice and outcomes no matter how complex the project is or how challenging the environment.

Luminact has several key discriminators that will set us apart when selecting your next project or business partner.

InnovationDynamic and Innovative Action

Our team is made up of intelligent and critical thinking individuals. We take pride in equipping our people with the training, skills, confidence, and freedom to solve problems in unconventional ways. This offers our clients out of the box ideas and solutions, not constrained by, but still supported with, traditional consulting paradigms.


people-firstA People First Culture

At Luminact we know our biggest strength is our people. We make relationships core to the way we do business, and strive to be an employer, partner and supplier of choice. Our corporate values and ethics are in our DNA and we demonstrate integrity, transparency and diligence in all our endeavours.


personal-devContinuous Improvement and Professional Development

There is always room for improvement, and it’s journey rather than the destination that drives the Luminact philosophy of continuous, incremental enhancement and personal development. For this reason we encourage our team to take intrepid action and innovate without fear of failure, since this is what drives us forward. We learn from our experience and then leverage those lessons to benefit our clients.